Thank you for checking out my blog. My name is Katie and I am currently studying an MSc in Library and Information Science at City, University of London.

Whilst I have three mandatory blog posts to write for Data Information Technologies and Applications (or DITA for short), I hope to use this blog as a space to reflect on things I find interesting in LIS.

(Disclaimer: I’m making no promises in regards to posting on a regular or frequent schedule.)

I hope you stick around!

~ Katie

New posts

  • Me, my brain, and data.
    I cannot believe that the third and final blog post for DITA has arrived 0_0 Honestly, where has the time gone! We have covered quite a lot in the last three weeks, and it has taken me a while to mentally juggle what we have engaged with. It made writing this post quite hard as […]
  • The arrival of my nemesis and some rambles on compatibility.
    My thoughts from DITA lectures 3, 4 & 5 I knew they were coming. I was aware that I wouldn’t be able to avoid them. I wasn’t looking forward to dealing with them, but I thought I had more time. Sadly, they found me sooner than I expected. It was during my reading for DITA[1] […]
  • The fear of not knowing enough
    My thoughts from DITA lectures 1 & 2 When I started working as a library assistant fresh out of university, I felt like an outsider. Although I’ve been a library user my whole life, I found working within one very different. There were acronyms I wasn’t familiar with, and questions were asked that I had […]